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Harriman State Park Welcomes Shelter Dogs

Harriman State Park, located just an hour north of New York City, is a welcome stopping-off point for shelter dogs from New York City.  Sometimes you’ll see them enjoying their first “Freedom Hike” on their way to new, adoptive homes.


Clover runs in Harriman State Park on her way to her forever home.  Homeless dogs from New York City are rescued every day, and travel miles from the “big smoke” to get to their new families.  Often, volunteers provide white-glove transportation service.  If the pup’s extra-lucky, she’ll get a “freedom hike” in beautiful Harriman State Park, or in any other nearby state park or forest.

Each day, rescued dogs from the New York City animal shelters are carried by volunteer transport, from “death row” to their rescuers and forever families.

Dog Harriman State Park

Clover, a diminutive pit bull mix from New York Animal Care and Control, is the dog in the video. This picture is her intake photo from the shelter. Clover was lucky; she was rescued shortly before her scheduled euthanization, and transported to upstate New York, to her new family.

Sometimes, the lucky dog will get a chance to stretch his legs, explore the world that has been shut off to him.  He gets the chance to be a dog, and Harriman is the perfect place for this transformation.

Running along a trail in the woods is something that all dogs deserve to experience.

Unfortunately, the life of a stray or impounded New York City dog is far from this ideal.

The following are a couple videos from these “Freedom Hikes”.  Enjoy them, and please consider adopting a shelter dog for your next hiking partner.

And be sure to check in on one of our favorite hiking blogs, “Gone Hikin’“.  The writer brings her rescued shepherd on every one of her hikes, and the dog has — obviously! — flourished.  Ah, if only they all got that chance.

Rescue Dog in Harriman State Park Lake Kanawauke

Rescue dog, Harriman State Park (Lake Kanawauke)


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