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Hikers Helping Hikers: A Volunteer Shuttle System, from Train to Trail


Getting to the Trails, From the Trains.

In the late winter and spring 2015, we’d like to try out a new system of getting hikers from the train stations on the west side of the park (Tuxedo or Sloatsburg) to the trailheads in Harriman State Park.

A few other parks and long-range trails have successfully implemented a “Hikers Helping Hikers” shuttle system, where hikers arrange for a ride with a “Trail Angel” ahead of time.

They work, despite the fact that hikers may be coming off the trails at unpredictable times.

But, the real advantage of a Harriman “Hikers Helping Hikers” shuttle system that picks up at a train station is that the trains run on a predicable schedule, stopping only twice on a weekend morning and three times on a weekend night, makes it easier, logistically, to meet hikers and give them a lift to the trailheads of their choice.

This would take pressure off the trails most used by train-takers to the park, and offer the chance for them to see other parts of the park not reachable with the train option.

If the shuttle proves workable and popular, we could offer maps for sale, coffee, trail food, and other beverages.

Please let me know (

Would you use this system as a hiker coming from the city?  Or, if you live in the area?


Would you be willing to volunteer as a driver, occasionally meeting the train on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and giving a ride, trail advice, and good cheer to hikers from New York?


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