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Metal Detecting in Harriman State Park

Metal detecting harriman state park permit

Metal detecting at Harriman State Park: There’s historic metal everywhere, but stay on the beaches — and get a permit! Historic photo from the Facebook page of Harriman State Park Group Camps (click photo to visit their page).

Metal detecting in Harriman State Park is allowed in the three beach areas of Lakes Tiorati, Welch, and Sebago with a permit from New York State. 

While Harriman is dotted with old foundations, disused mines and battlefields, you are not allowed to treasure hunt anywhere except the beaches.  Artifacts must be left in place.

Here are some details:

  • You can use your metal detector in the beach areas of Lakes Welch, Tiorati and Sebago.
  • You’ll need to purchase a permit for $20.00.  Go to the offices at Lake Welch or Lake Tiorati beach and you can pick up a permit on the spot by filling out an application.  You’ll need your driver’s license or photo ID.  There is no online application.  Call Harriman State Park at 845-947-2444 for more information.
  • You’ll also need to pay admission to the beaches on which you’ll be metal detecting ($8.00, or free with Empire Passport)
  • Carry your permit with you at all times.  You don’t want to get caught without one, or your metal detector could be taken away.
  • If you discover anything that is considered an artifact while metal detecting, you have to leave it in the park.  The following is an excerpt from NYCRR Part 190:

    No person shall deface, remove, destroy or otherwise injure in any manner whatsoever any tree, flower, shrub, fern, fungi or other plant organisms, moss or other plant, rock, soil, fossil or mineral or object of archaeological or paleontological interest found or growing on State land, except for personal consumption or under permit from the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation and the Commissioner of Education, pursuant to section 233 of the Education Law.



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