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Parking in Harriman, Legally and Overnight

Sunset Seven Lakes Drive Harriman State Park

Sunset, Seven Lakes Drive in winter. Photo by Rob Gross via Flickr.

Yes, You Can Park in Harriman, Legally, Overnight, and Roadside (but you have to know where).

With trailheads scattered all over the enormity of Harriman, you need to know where it’s legal to park your car.

So how do you know where roadside parking is legal and allowed, if there are no signs in most of the roadside parking areas?

You have to look at the maps.

The Trail Conference maps show designated roadside parking areas, as well as lots.  And as long as you’re parked in a hikers’ parking area, you don’t have to call park police to notify them that you plan to leave your car overnight.

Again: you can park your car in a roadside spot, as long as it’s one of the officially-designated spots, shown on the Trail Conference map, or on our trail and parking area PDF map.  (These lot locations are correct as of November 2013, but are subject to change.)


A hiking trail map of Harriman State Park, showing roadside parking for hikers.  Overnight parking is allowed in these parking lots.  The map also shows trails and one of Harriman State Park's lean-to camping shelters.
Roadside parking is allowed in Harriman State Park, if you’re in one of the designated parking areas.  Download our PDF map at the link above.  It gives you the GPS locations of all Harriman parking areas and roadside lots.


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