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Parking Legally at Harriman State Park | Download the PDF Map

An unmarked trail leads from Elk Pen, in north Harriman State Park, to the Appalachian Trail.

An unmarked trail through the field at Elk Pen, in Harriman State Park, will get you to the white-blazed Appalachian Trail. Overnight parking of your car is legal in Harriman State Park — you just need to park it in one of the legal hikers’ lots, shown on our downloadable PDF hiking trail map.

Where can you legally park at Harriman State Park, New York? Download our map and use your GPS to find lot parking and roadside parking that’s legal — even overnight.

It’s hard to know where to park, legally, in Harriman State Park, because few of the legal roadside and pullout parking lots have signs indicating that they’re “official”.

Our free download of the Harriman State Park hiking trail map also shows where you can park, legally, with GPS information so you can be sure you’re in the right place.  Look for the little encircled “P”.

Harriman State Park Trails, Shelters and Parking Areas: A Free PDF Map to Download

Some spots are roadside pullouts.  Some are parking lots.  Other parking areas — Lake Welch, Silvermine and Bear Mountain, for example — charge an $8.00 fee in the summer, but not in winter.  (Lake Welch parking lots are even closed after Labor Day).

If you’re using the lots to leave your car overnight, it’s recommended that you clear your car of any valuables so you don’t tempt thieves.  Also, you don’t need to call the park police to let them know you’ll be leaving your car.  According to the park police dispatcher, “…as long as you’re parking in one of the legal hiker’s lots, that’s not an issue.”

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