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Recreation in Harriman

Recreation Harriman

Recreation in Harriman State Park can take you in all directions (and up to the stony top of a mountain)

“Harriman is big and beautiful. The park needs to be experienced to appreciate its scale.” — Harvey Road, the New York State Ski Blog

Recreation in Harriman State Park isn’t all about the hiking.  Here’s a partial list of what you can do within the park, and it’s all, basically, free!

  • Swim in one of three (well, one’s closed for the 2013 season, but the others are open.  And they’re not free — it’s $8.00 to get in.  Also, they’re crowded.  On second thought, go for a…
  • Swim in one of the many unsanctioned swimming holes of Harriman;
  • Go fishing;
  • Try geocaching;
  • Find a downed airplane that crashed in 1974;
  • Spend the day with your doggie;
  • Rent a kayak or rowboat from Baker Camp;
  • Go foraging for summer berries;
  • Take in a car show.


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