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View of the lake from Sebago Cabin Camp, Lake Sebago, Harriman State Park.

Sebago Cabin Camp, Lake Sebago, Harriman State Park.

Use Sebago Cabin Camp as your “base camp” for hiking the Harriman State Park interior, and take advantage of the post-Labor Day quiet time.

Maybe you don’t want to hike with thirty pounds strapped to your back.  And staying in a lean-to with strangers might not be your cup of tea.  So consider this: for $72.00 a night and a tolerance for a flimsy cot mattress, you can leave it all behind, and still experience the best of Harriman.

One of the beautiful things about Sebago Cabin Camp is that it’s located right in the heart of Harriman, and thus, in some of the best hiking in New York State.  And Harriman’s a big place that you’ll want to explore, as much as possible while you’re there.   So consider going lighter, farther and faster by booking a cabin at Sebago Cabin Camp, and making it your base camp for a day, or even a few.

Rustic is the operative word.  But you get four walls, a place to sleep and views of a truly beautiful lake.  You get a place to put your car for the night (and a second car, if you need, for an extra $6.00/night).  And you won’t have to lug that pack around the park.

One more thing: if you book the cabins in the peak of summer, you need to book a seven-day stay. But this limit is relaxed after Labor Day, so if you love hiking in the cool days of autumn, wait until after everyone’s back at school, and reserve a one-night stay in September or October.

You can book your stay at Reserve America; The camp closes in the second week of October.

Best Trails from Sebago Cabin Camp

Sebago cabins are located in a trail-rich section of the park, with great interior lakes and views, and routes that offer the opportunity for short or long hikes and loops galore.  The trail map for this part of the park is loaded with pretty stars, a good indication that the hiking will reward you with lots of views to the surrounding mountaintops.

From the camp, you can make Pine Meadow Lake your destination for a day of lake-to-lake hiking and frequent swimming hole dips. Or take the Seven Hills trail from where it begins at the Sebago Boat Launch, just steps from the campground, and climb Conklin, Chipmunk and Diamond Mountain for some of the prettiest views in the park.

Just make sure you leave with the Trail Conference maps in hand.  They’re available online ($9.95), or pick them up from almost any outfitter or outdoor shop in the area.  You can also find them at the Palisades Visitor Center, on the Palisades Parkway in Harriman State Park (between exists 6 and 7).  Or, most awesomely, you can download the map set for your Iphone or Android phone and, using the free Avenza app, you can plan your hike and follow the trails on your smartphone as you hike (see this article for more information).

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