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Camp Smith Trail on Bear Mountain State Park

Toll house, Camp Smith Trail, east of Bear Mountain State Park. ©


This morning I pulled over at the Tollhouse parking area.  It’s at the foot of the Camp Smith Trail that goes up to Anthony’s Nose, on the eastern side of Bear Mountain State Park.

I read the sign:

“The side away from the river is actively used by the National Guard for training exercises.  If you want to be part of those exercises, join the Guard, otherwise stay out.”

Ha, ha.

Other advice from the sign at the Tollhouse:

“The river side of the trail has steep terrain and numerous dangerous cliffs.  If you enter this area, you might dislodge rocks which could fall on cars on the road below.”

“Do not be surprised to find military personnel using the trail, possibly carrying heavy packs and rifles.  Please yield the right of way to them.”

Here’s the link for joining the National Guard, in case you’d like to hike the other side of the trail.

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