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Overnight: Camping in Harriman State Park

You can spend a night or two sleeping under the stars, or under the tin roof of an historic lean-to.  You can sleep in a cabin along the shore of Lake Sebago, or in a sleeping bag by the edge of Lake Tiorati or — unsanctioned alert! — Island Pond.

The Facts:

  • Cabin rentals are available at Baker Camp and Beaver Pond Campground, in the Lake Welch Recreation area.  You can also rent rustic cabins at Sebago Cabin Camp.
  • You can also rent “pioneer style” camp sites — places to plop your tent, and nothing more.  These are located on Lake Tiorati, at the Tiorati Plateau, or at the Cedar Pond Camp.  These camp sites are, however, reserved for “bona-fide” groups: scout groups, youth groups, etc.  See our page on “pioneer-style” camping at Cedar Pond and Tiorati Plateau.
  • Beaver Pond campground allows trailers and larger vehicles (as well as tents), and is equipped with bathrooms, showers, laundry facilities and a dumping station.
  • Don’t forget: you can also camp at any of the many lean-tos that dot the park.  My favorite are the stone structures that have internal fireplaces and outdoor firepits; many have wonderful views to distant, glittering, Oz-like New York City.  Read more about the stone lean-tos of Harriman State Park.

Staying Safe at Night

Be aware of the dangers of sleeping overnight in the park.  In particular, be careful about going too far from your cabin or lean-to in the dark (read this cautionary tale about a rescue of a fallen camper in 2012).

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