Harriman State Park Trail Maps

Hiker overlooking fall foliage viewpoint in Harriman State Park, New York. Photo courtesy of Instagram user #woomas.

Photo in Harriman State Park by Instagram user #woomas (http://instagram.com/woomas)


The official New York State Park site for Harriman State Park has zero information when it comes to hiking trails.

But, if you’re looking for a reliable trail map online, you have a few choices:

  • You can buy the Trail Conference trail maps in person;
  • You can buy the trail maps (hard copy format) by clicking on the link to the right, or getting them from Amazon.
  • You can download the fabulous maps for your Iphone, and use them with the Avenza trail app.
  • You can download some of our basic PDF hiking trail maps for Harriman, and these will help you explore some of the different regions in the park and get you started.  The maps (and hiking area descriptions) are listed below.

You have to pay for the Trail Conference maps  (either the paper versions, or the apps for Iphone), and they’re worth every penny.  (The sale of these maps also helps support the ongoing work of the Trail Conference).

Here’s where to get the maps:

  • Harriman State Park Map Set: Lake Tiorati or Lake Welch offices, or the Visitors’ Center on Seven Lakes Drive;
  • Palisades Park Conservancy gift shop, in the island of the Palisades Parkway;
  • The Lautenberg Visitor Center (hours: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, daily) at Sterling Forest;
  • EMS or Campmor;
  • Amazon.com
  • From the Trail Conference website.  The Harriman State Park trail maps (or any other map sets) will be mailed to you.

I also HIGHLY recommend the Trail Conference’s download-able PDF maps, for use with your Iphone or Adroid.  Why?  Because they’ll show you exactly where you are on the trail.  Sooo handy.  And, in case you’ve forgotten your hard-copy maps and you’re already at the trail, you can download them on the spot.

This article gives you directions for using these downloadable maps with the Avenza app (free PDF reader).

Indestructible.  Complete and comprehensive.  May I say beautiful?  The first set I owned was purchased in the dead of winter when I was unable to hike because of the snow.  I spent several weeks poring over these maps, hiking them in my mind.  I couldn’t wait to get out there.

Remember, when you purchase these maps, you’re also supporting the work that the Trail Conference does to keep the trails maintained and hikeable.

Our Downloadable PDF Trail Maps (Free)

You can download any of our basic trail maps for different sections of Harriman.  Follow the links below, and download the maps for free.  (These are basic, and have about the same level of information you would find at a trailhead kiosk — if Harriman had trailhead kiosk maps!

MyHarriman.com also has a free, downloadable PDF hiking trail map of the entire Harriman State Park and blazed trails, plus locations of legal parking areas, here: Harriman State Park Trails, Shelters and Parking Areas: A Free PDF Map to Download

The Island Pond Area.  This area offers lots of options for trails of different lengths, a gorgeous lake/pond, stealth camping areas and a stone lean-to.

West Mountain, and the Timp.  One of my favorite hiking areas in all of Harriman, for its views, variety, rocky stretches and, of course, West Mountain Shelter and views from the Timp.

Hogencamp Mountain: Boulder-strewn stretches of hilltop spines along  the Ramapo-Dunderberg trail make this area an outstanding destination, especially for fall foliage.

Two Shelters, one Parking Spot  Want to spend the night?  Try either of these two stone shelters by parking along 106.

Hike to Lake Stahahe High Peak and surrounding area with this PDF map: Stahahe High Peak, and read our blog entry about a quick hike in to this perfect fall foliage vista.

Another downloadable PDF trail map for the Tom Jones Mountain area, off Route 106: Another map of the Tom Jones Mountain area

Topo Maps

If you want good topo maps of Harriman, check out Hudson Valley Orienteering clubs maps.  Every trail, but also every cliff and boulder as well as the density of the vegetation and the contour data. See http://hvo.us.orient…ent/pid=12.html or http://hvo.us.orient…2.html#woc_maps for lists of what Hudson Valley Orienteering offers.

Harriman State Park Trail Maps

Appalachian Trail marker at the top of Bear Mountain, Bear Mountain State Park. ©www.myharriman.com