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Come for the peace, or come for the adventure.

Harriman State Park is the perfect place to spend a day or a weekend.

Let’s Open the Season With a Pop-Up Party.

Hiking season’s here! This Saturday, May 21, we’re throwing a little party at the Tuxedo Train Station, if you’re in the area hiking, biking, or just coming up for a little break, stop by!  You can drive up or take the train from the city. You can...

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That Long Downhill, With More Than Seven Lakes

Sloatsburg, New York, is for cyclists.  The little town at the edge of the park is your jumping-off place for this easy and extremely scenic roll through Harriman.  Especially mid-week, and particularly in the quiet hours of early morning and late evening,...

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The Penthouse of the Park, No Car Needed.

Here’s an easy overnight trip that starts along the Hudson River, ends with a beer at Bear Mountain Inn, and puts you in one of the prettiest viewsheds in the Hudson Valley. In 2016, I’m challenging myself to spend at least one night a month sleeping out...

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Appalachian Mountain Club comes to Harriman in 2016

Come this summer, you’ll have a whole new way to experience and explore Harriman State Park. Picture this: you leave the city on Friday afternoon, catching the Metro-North train out to Tuxedo, New York.  The hiker’s shuttle is waiting for this late train,...

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A New Year in Harriman

New for 2016: Step-by-Step Itineraries for “Outtenbackers” Step-by-step directions will take the guessing out of your day or weekend. The snowless, naked park has been on my mind a lot lately, and I’ve been looking to spring, summer, the shuttle and...

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A Memorial to a Plane’s Crew, Lost in the Harriman Woods

A couple years ago, I wrote about a Northwest airlines 727 that came down in the Harriman woods one winter’s night in 1974.  On it were three men.  They were on their way to Buffalo, New York, to pick up the Baltimore Colts football team after a game on December...

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Featured Hike: From Thendara Mountain Club to Tuxedo

Autumn’s Last Hurrah, Using the Bus This 8-mile hike is currently sporting the gaudiest colors of the fall.  Use the shuttle to do a one-way trip right back to your car or the train station; don’t forget your camera. One of the beautiful things about using...

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Last Call for the Tuxedo-Harriman Shuttle

Take the Train to the School Bus Through Harriman State Park this Weekend This is the final weekend of the season for the Tuxedo-Harriman hikers’ shuttle, so if you haven’t used it to create a one-way hike for yourself, make a plan now! Get Tickets in...

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That One Thing: Trailhead Kiosk in Tuxedo

This is the first in a series of posts about Tuxedo, New York, emerging as a “trail town” and gateway to the Hudson Valley. The Kiosk: Where Adventure Begins Like other hikers, I’m drawn to trailhead kiosks.  They’re little beacons that stand...

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“We set up camp, gathered firewood, and had a great night under the stars. The area was very clean and the view was amazing…The trails were beautiful and once we figured out how to navigate them we had no trouble.” Matthew R.

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