Total Escape, One Hour Away.

Stay the Night.

Views Forever.

Climb to a Viewpoint.

Take the Train to the Trails.

New York to Tuxedo.

Your keys to the park, on paper and on your phone.

Get the Maps.

Come for the peace, or come for the adventure.

Harriman State Park is the perfect place to spend a day or a weekend.

Base Camp Tuxedo

Base Camp Tuxedo’s Very First “Speakers and Suds” Night #1: NYNJTC’s West Hudson Program Coordinator Sona Mason, “Wild Trails” Tuxedo Train Station Saturday, May 9, 2015. 6:45-9pm; Free and Open to All. Tuxedo to me has always been...

Climbing at the Powerlinez

by Norm Rasmussen, Torne Valley Climbers Coalition Rock climbing is an option for the more adventurous in the park. DISCLAIMER: Rock Climbing is an inherently dangerous activity. The only way to ensure safety while rock climbing is to receive proper instruction from...

New Maps for Harriman

All the Miles You’ll Hike The New York New Jersey Trail Conference has updated their Harriman map set, and there’s one new feature I love: trail mileage.  This changes how I prepare for my hikes.  Training for a month-long hike in the Sierras,  I find...

Quest: A Long-Lost Memorial

Finding an 80-year-old Memorial to a Boy Scout, Chiseled Along the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail Gordon Wren, Director of the Rockland County Fire and Emergency Services, sent me the following story.  I’ve never seen this memorial, but when the snow clears out,...

Have you Seen Bears in Harriman State Park?

Leave Your Bear Anecdote in the Comment Section. Black bears are frequently seen in Harriman State Park, and in 2014, more sightings were occurring near the lean-to shelters.  A 2013 study reported that there are at least 15 black bears living in the park.* If...

Foster Your Next Trail Buddy.

  I’ve started training for the 220-mile hike in the High Sierras of California this summer.  At my side (well, somewhere on the trail in front of me) is my little foster dog, Butter Cup. She’s a little thing at only 32 pounds.  I’m not sure...

Tuxedo’s Post-Casino Dreams

Go Forward, Little Town in the Foothills I used to think that Tuxedo as the Gateway to the Hudson Highlands was a radical idea.  But it’s been a couple weeks since Genting and its super-sized casino was bundled off, and in that short time I’ve heard and...

“We set up camp, gathered firewood, and had a great night under the stars. The area was very clean and the view was amazing…The trails were beautiful and once we figured out how to navigate them we had no trouble.”

Matthew R.